Tuesday, July 17, 2018

6 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Meal for Your Dog

Want to raise a healthy, active dog? Good food along with loving care is essential to keep dogs energetic and in the right spirit. A proper diet should create no digestive system upsets, supply plenty of energy, and keep the pup looking healthy. However, you might have to spend a couple of hours researching before finding the ideal food for your dog. Finding good quality, pocket-friendly dog food that supplies the right blend of nutrients can be difficult.

Here are 6 tips that can help you overcome this difficult feat and lead you on your way to choosing the right food for your dog’s gentle tummy.

Don’t Undermine Your Dog’s Preferences:
It doesn’t really matter if you pick up the best pet food product on the market if your pet finds it tasteless and bland. This is why it’s always recommended to buy discount pet items online after reading the customer reviews. Watch YouTube video reviews and independent reviews on the internet to know if dogs love the particular variety of product you are about to select for your pet.

Decode the Buzzwords on the Food Packaging:
Certain dog food labels display buzzwords such as “Beef for dogs” or “Chicken Dog Food”, It’s important not to give in to these labels. Check a product’s claim by calculating the meat content by reading the ingredients list. Stay clear of products that use poor quality meat and have a carb-heavy formula.

Read the Ingredients:
The ingredients mentioned in the packet offers a clear picture of the nutritive value of the meal. Select the one that has meat as the first ingredient as dogs are primarily carnivorous. Only dogs with certain dietary restrictions might need alternative meals that are high on veggies.

Decide If You Need to Pick up a Grain Free Food Product:
Grains are considered safe for dogs unless they are allergic. However, grains are not biologically appropriate for dogs. They would benefit much more from a protein-rich meal. Therefore, if you can afford a grain free dog food, you should, by all means, consider it.

Check the Nutritional Adequacy Statement:
The nutritional requirement is usually printed on the packaging of the meal. It is of prime importance to note down the nutritional value of the product and to ensure adequate recommended dietary allowance of the dog is met.

Know the Physical Characteristics and Behavior of Your Dog:
Evaluating the physical characteristics of dogs is very important while choosing the right food. Puppies and lactating mothers have an increasing demand for higher calorie intake per day. Dog breeds that are highly active need more calories as compared to the ones that love sleep all day. Thankfully, the dog food available is often classified based on the breed of dog. It’s mainly the difference in kibble size. But your dog should be able to eat the feed comfortably and safely.

Follow these 6 tips to zero in on the yummiest high-quality food you can buy for your dog.

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