Saturday, June 23, 2018

My #MentalHealth

Well, as you can see, this blog has been pretty quiet. I have lots of great posts coming up. But they are posts that should have been up earlier. Much earlier. But I have been dealing with some stuff. Turns out I have Major Depressive Disorder. Which is a big label, but basically anxiety and depression. I have made the choice to finally see a psychologist, and I go next week. I know I have not dealt with a lot of things, including major things like the death of my son, and also the death of my father. Among other things as well. So, here's to the beginning of getting healthy, in mind, body, and spirit! Thanks for sticking with me! It means a lot!


  1. I think it's wonderful you are seeking help. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Seeing a medical professional is the first step. After years of struggling, it was the first step for me. The battle isn't easy, but I think it makes us strong.

  3. Wish you all the best! Seems you're taking the correct steps. My mom passed away two years ago and it threw me into a tailspin. I went to counseling for a bit and still take anti-depressants. Both were a big help.


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