Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home

Home decorating can feel so overwhelming that Oprah and Martha Beck warn it can cause decorating paralysis. You end up feeling stressed out bot knowing where to start that you end up doing nothing at all. But taking decorating in small steps and focusing on unique touches that align with your signature style can transform your house without the overwhelm.
Design your own plan of action to bring fresh color and enhancements to your home. Here's how.

Go ultra-small

A small home or apartment quickly feels overwhelmed by big touches and furniture. Instead of stripping down your furniture to just the essentials like a couch and chairs, add small accent tables to make a big statement instead. A small table can ultimately make your room look even bigger and add more dimension and style. For even more pizzazz, add a brightly colored tablecloth with a fun pattern to give your room more personality.

Repurpose found objects

A quick and easy way to add unique decorations to your home is to repurpose found objects. For example, you can collect your favorite vintage travel postcards and turn them into a small art gallery. Even adding a few coats of paint to old, wooden crates can give your storage a fresh new look. Mount them to a wall and add your favorite cups and saucers, and those crates have been transformed into a new unique shelf on a budget.

Add colorful accents

Painting an entire wall in a bold color is one way to add more flavor to your home. Or you can think smaller so you don't overwhelm the room — or yourself. Add a patch of colorful, unique wallpaper on a bathroom wall for dazzling style without overwhelming the room. Freshen up old floors with a bright color like turquoise or red to transform your living or dining area into a style sensation. Add complementing accents with photo frames, fresh flowers or linens.

Turn your bookcase into a work of art

Whether you live in a small dwelling or have plenty of space, a central bookcase or built-ins can be transformed into a work of art. Add your favorite books to random shelves and look for complementing colors on the spines of your books to create a fun pattern. Next, add your favorite items — from colorful photos of loved ones to a mason jar full of sea glass and seashells to the empty spaces. The best part is you can regularly swap out your books and accents to create a work-in-progress work of art that you’ll never get tired of.

Warm up your fireplace

Your fireplace is often a missed opportunity to add unique decorations and personality to your home. Ambitious decorators can swap out the bricks for a backsplash of color. You can also paint over your bricks and mantle to match the color in your room and make the room feel even bigger.
Instead of leaving your fireplace empty during warmer months, add pillar candles to your fireplace when not in use for a romantic evening at home or cozy night of entertaining. For the mantle, add a few simple vases and fill them with small, colorful blooms to tie your room together.
However you decide to decorate your home, focus on the colors and accents that speak to your signature style. Remember that decorating doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it just takes small strategic steps to add more color, dimension and style to make your home feel more like you.

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