Monday, January 8, 2018

Spony - Ponytail Baseball Cap

Do you love a good sweat sesh? Do you have a wish list full of gear that will make your workouts more productive, fun, and stylish? Introducing Spony – a cute cap designed for convenience and comfort! A great accessory for any gal on the go. With the patent-pending Convertible Women’s Ballcap, you can wear it closed like a regular ballcap or open up the back to flaunt that updo.
Spony: Patent-pending Convertible Women’s Ballcap. Back center seam constructed with separable Velcro closure instead of sewn shut. Added pockets provided inside cap to keep Velcro on side flaps from coming in contact with hair. Can be worn as a regular closed ballcap and as an open-backed ponytail cap. Made in the USA. Open up back of cap for ventilation, and close up back for protection from rain or extreme weather.
Check it all out at Spony on Facebook, as well as Spony on Twitter.

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