Monday, November 6, 2017

Keepzit Kooler During The #Holidays2017

Keep beer, soda and bottled water colder longer! Lighter than stainless steel. Sturdier than neoprene foam. The Keepzit Kooler Can & Bottle Cooler provides the perfect combo: better insulation for lasting chill plus greater comfort and stability. Not to mention ultra-kool graphics!
The Secret? Two insulating layers designed to fit 12 oz & 16 oz cans and bottles, this unique beverage chiller features: Hard outer shell made of ABS plastic - extra-strong yet amazingly light. Thick inner foam liner that locks in the chill, so drinks stay colder longer. Wider no-tip bottom base, with a vacuum-breaking opening so you can pop your can or bottle out instantly.
Thanks to this exclusive design, your Keepzit Kooler insulator: Feels more comfortable - won't freeze your hand or strain your wrist. Stays more stable: Your drink won't tip over and spill, even if you set it down on a chair or sofa cushion. Never sweats - no more ugly rings on your furniture. Resists heat and impact for years of durability. Won't harm the environment (or you) - it's BPA-FREE, non-toxic and recyclable. 

I love mine, and no not only because it is pink camo! *wink* I use it all the time, for all my drinks. Jason enjoys his too. Now Callan wants one. Hee hee.

Check it all out at Keepzit Kooler on Facebook, as well as Keepzit Kooler on Twitter.

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