Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Be A Wonder Mother For The #Holidays2017

Busy moms often feel they’re drowning in a sea of responsibilities from raising babies, to ubering kids, to holding down jobs! Motherhood is busy and nutrition is often sacrificed in the struggle to stay afloat. Wonder Mother is here to help mothers get more nutrients fast, feel their best, and be wonder moms!
Wonder Mother dietary supplements are a groundbreaking line of effervescent nutritional supplements designed especially for mothers to keep them hydrated, energized, and ready to go with their frantic schedules. The nutrition-packed effervescent tabs quickly dissolve in water, creating a refreshing drink full of minerals, plant extracts, probiotics, and electrolytes formulated to supplement the specific nutritional needs of moms. Most new moms don’t have time to carefully balance their diets with nutritional needs yet worry their inadequate diets won’t support themselves and their hungry infants when breastfeeding. Wonder Mother’s flagship Nursing Tabs is great for breastfeeding women for nutritional needs and stay hydrated which is important when nursing. They contain the following natural ingredients: Sodium and potassium to aid in hydration. Probiotics to help with digestion. Macro and trace minerals to support general health. Herbal extracts to support breast milk production.
Created by a mother, for mothers, Wonder Mother is the brainchild of Lelia Scheu. While nursing her own son, she dutifully drank gallons of water to stay hydrated and boost milk production but she couldn’t find suitable supplements. Together with her chemist brother and health-food expert sister, Lelia developed a product that is uniquely nutritious and delicious. Wonder Mother will be expanding its line soon to include Energy Tabs, Multi-Vitamin Tabs, and others. Moms, get hydrated and healthy with the yummy Wonder Mother.

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