Tuesday, November 21, 2017

9 Ways to Stop Your Puppy from Barking Excessively

A barking puppy can cause you loads of problems. Often the cause of bad vibes with your neighbors to full on relationship problems in your home - some puppies just love to bark, A Lot! But why some and not others? If we can understand why our puppies bark, we can easily counteract with helpful, constructive training that will encourage appropriate barking only. Here’s how to stop puppy from barking excessively.

Remove Anxiety from the Equation
Since anxious and nervous barking are so common among puppies, let’s start off by eliminating this possible cause from your troubles. Anxiety can be cause by an abusive past (or present), an anxious owner (yes, dogs can sense your anxiety), insecurity or neglect. If your puppy is anxious, there are several ways you can deal with it, all of which you will find below.

Check for Physical Injuries or Sores
Excessive barking that resembles a yelping sound could be cause by a physical malady like an abscess or a wound. Gently stroke your puppy all over with a gentle touch while feeling for lumps, cuts, bruises and sores. If your puppy has very long hair, you may want to do this very thoroughly, since you won’t have your eyes to help you.

Dedicate Time to Your Puppy
But I still hold firm that the best way to stop a puppy from barking is keeping it stimulated. This needs to be done mentally and physically - and no, your puppy can’t do it without you. That’s why your puppy requires so much time from you. There’s lots to do during those early years of your puppy’s life, so here are some of the best ways to keep your puppy stimulated. Regular Walks A walk does wonders for you brain and the brain of your new best friend. Dogs need to be in wide open spaces. They love to explore their world and experience all the sights & smells it has to offer. A regular walk will remove the curiosity of what’s over your wall or fence. Your puppy will get a chance each day to see the world himself.

Essential Playtime
Playtime with your puppy is an important social activity. It’s the way your puppy bonds with you, so do it often. Playing with your puppy reinforces security and will serve to stimulate & relax him during the times you’re not there.

Your puppy should be exposed to other dogs as often as possible during its first year. It will get a lot of socializing in puppy school, as other dogs will also be there. But after puppy school, be sure to take your puppy to dog parks and even allow them to come with you when you visit friends or family. 

Training opens up a whole new world for your dog. It’s this world that your puppy wants you to unlock. Frustrated puppies who are bored and underestimated will bark excessively, so teach your puppy these tricks while he’s still young:
How to sit
How to take & leave an object
How to lie down
How to give you his paw
How to stay
How to jump up or down

These are easy to teach a puppy, and will keep his mind occupied - leaving little time for nervous puppy barking.

Food Games
You can turn meal times with your dog into a fun game. Here is a puppy food game you can try: Put your puppies kibble in a plastic bottle and cut a small hole in it. Watch as your puppy spends an hour trying to work out how to get the kibble to fall out. Food games stimulate the mind, body and reward center for your puppy, so this is a great way to keep him stimulated.

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