Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trick Or Treat With ZizyBee Bags #Halloween2017

Carry that coveted candy from house to house with ZizzyBee Bags! An eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bags, bins, and boxes you’re constantly going through, these mesh bags are washable and reusable – the perfect fit for all your home storage and travel needs all year long.
ZizzyBee Bags aren’t just durable, you can easily use them to store your Christmas ribbons, organize your child’s legos, and even throw your daughter’s after school dance clothes in them. The list is endless when you have ZizzyBee Bags. Your little ones may have sticky fingers and tired feet from trick-or-treating, but at the end of the night, they’ll have a ZizzyBee bag they can count on to hold all of their yummy candy.

Available in three different sizes, see how you can mix and match for some Halloween fun:
Mix 3-pack -
This popular pack comes with 2 large bags 12” by 12” bags and 1 small 9” by 9” bag. It’s not only great for busy parents, but for little ones to learn organization early on – get them excited to categorize their room with these fun, bold patterns.
Large 3-pack -
This set of 3, 12” by 12” bags is perfect for organizing all your spooky supplies: crayons, pens, paper – and don’t forget the candy! You can pick 3 matching bags or 3 different colors.
Dirty Laundry Bag –
Perfect for dirty clothes after a night of Halloween fun! Stock up on tasty treats while keeping it green with eco-friendly, durable ZizzyBee Bags! 

Check it all out at ZizzyBee Bags on Facebook, as well as ZizzyBee Bags on Twitter.

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