Friday, September 8, 2017

Special Treasures For A New Baby

You've been invited to a baby shower, but you aren't sure what to take as a gift. Diapers and baby wipes are an option, but many people already get those to take, so it really wouldn't be anything too personal. If you want to get something that most people probably wouldn't think about, then consider personalized baby shower gifts that can be cherished for years to come. You can usually order something online that is personalized with everything from the name of the baby to the birth date, weight and time of delivery.

A gift that is easily personalized with just about any design and that can be used throughout the year is a baby blanket. You can get a blanket that is pink or blue if you know the gender or a color that is for either a boy or girl if you don't know the gender of the baby. There are different thicknesses of blankets depending on the time of year that the baby is born as well as different sizes. A larger blanket might be an option so that the parents can use it when the baby is older.

Another idea for a personalized gift is a pillow. You can have the name embroidered on one side and the birth information on the other side. This is also a gift that you can personalize in a variety of ways. An idea would be to get a pillow that has blank lines for the name, birth date, and other information so that the parents can fill it out when the baby is born.

Most parents will read to their baby at some point, and children will likely have a book collection when they are little. A personalized book case or book shelf is an idea that people probably won't think about as a shower gift. The name of the child can be etched on one end, and a fun design can be etched on the other end that will match the decorations in the rest of the room. You could also paint the gift so that it matches instead of just giving a wooden book shelf.

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