Monday, September 11, 2017

Ambrosia Scents #Holidays2017

 Ambrosia Scents and Sachets are a new way to fill any room with fragrance and decor. It is clean and easy, with no wax, heat, oil, water, or mess. This product can also be used as both a wax warmer or an oil diffuser depending on your needs. It adds a beautiful décor piece to any room even when not in use. Easy to use, safe for children, and like nothing you have ever seen. Use it in the bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room, kids room, or even the office. Works well in all spaces and when not in use adds a piece of decor to any room.
We got a gorgeous piece. The Weathered Rustic Mint design comes with a bamboo pattern and is paired with the Sugar Cookie sachet.
Ambrosia Scents and Ambrosia Sachets is the new way to fill any space with fragrance and stylish decor. Clean and easy to use, no messy wax or oils, no heat fire risk. Very portable and rechargeable. I love that it is a sachet, that isn't messy, can't be spilled, and doesn't get hot to hurt anyone, such as a kid or pet. Plus, the sachets smell amazing, and work so well!

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