Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Madison Valley Candles

In 2004 Madison Valley Candle Company began hand mixing and pouring candles in the garage of their founders home. For the next 5 years they continued to perfect their proprietary blend all-natural 100% premium soy waxes and essential oils that are USDA certified organic, kosher, and vegan. They moved into their current facility in 2012 and began shipping candles to gift shops throughout California. In 2014 they expanded their shipping nationwide and to Canada. Later that year they launched the Candle by Design platform to allow customers to build their custom candles directly from the website. That means you choose the Size, Container Type, Wick Type, Fragrance, and Color. 
Over the years, customers have fallen in love with the all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. From the beginning, Madison Valley has committed to only use materials from U.S. suppliers. This has provides them with stable and consistent finished candle each and every time. The unique designs and over 90 scents have been featured on several television and promotional programs. They have also created candles for Weddings, Large Corporate events, and even Celebrities. 

I am in love with my candles as well. My whole house smells amazing! Check it all out at Madison Valley Candles on Facebook, as well as Madison Valley Candles on Twitter.

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