Thursday, May 18, 2017

3 Ways That Using Microsoft Office Can Keep Your Small Business Organized

For small and medium-sized companies, a good brand recognition and positive customer feedback are just some of the keys to a successful and long-lasting business. Besides having an effective marketing campaign, establishing a well-managed and organized system can lead to increased productivity in any type of business.

One fundamental and effective way to increase the efficiency of small-scale businesses is to set up a computer platform that will help you organize almost any type of information related to your business. Microsoft Office delivers more than what any other existing platforms can offer. It is easy to use and is equipped with the appropriate tools to help you organize your business. Get your own Microsoft Office for Home and Business and discover the top three ways that using this software can keep your small business organized.

1. Organize your business using Outlook Microsoft Outlook is best known for its high functionality in organizing e-mails and contact lists. It is built on a secure platform with easy to understand functions and user-friendly interface. The familiar setup greatly helps in reducing the amount of training time required for employers to learn the basics of the application.

Aside from the address book and e-mail messages, you may also schedule meetings, delegate and set deadlines for each task, and send regular reports to monitor the progress of every employee. Microsoft Outlook is also integrated with different mobile devices and computer applications including Skype and SharePoint.

2. Organize your documents using OneNote OneNote is a highly functional tool that lets you organize your files like never before. OneNote is specially tailored for small businesses to help employees exchange information, disseminate messages, and schedule tasks and reminders.

OneNote is also integrated with several Windows applications including MS Outlook, Skype for Business, and Internet Explorer, to help you organize the files from another platform in just an instant. The Send to OneNote feature is a handy tool that lets you keep important files from external applications and organize them easily.

OneNote also allows you to organize your notes in different categories and personalize your notepad. Its efficient search tool also helps in finding keywords even from images with text written using the stylus pen.

3. Organize all your electronic files using OneDrive OneDrive is a file hosting application that saw a bunch of major updates in the past few years. The well-received application can be upgraded to a business package to activate 1 terabyte cloud storage space among other exciting advanced features. OneDrive for Business lets you store, share, and synchronize your files from any device anytime you want. OneDrive lets you collaborate and work at the same time together to increase the productivity of your team. Employees may also be assigned with their own storage allocations in the cloud where they can store and manage important files.

Having a dynamic working environment is a key to increasing the overall productivity of a business. Avoid waiting times, make the most out of the secure working platforms, and improve team collaboration using Microsoft Office for Business.

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