Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Islands In The Kitchen

A kitchen island is an idea for you to install if you enjoy cooking or if you simply need more space in the room. When you begin the kitchen island installation process, you need to look at the size of the space that you have to work with and the size of the island as there are some designs that don't work well in small areas. There are several design ideas that you can utilize in the home depending on the function that you want from the unit.

For a lighter atmosphere, consider a kitchen island that is blue with silver or white accents. Blue often matches most kitchens. However, if there is another color on the walls, then you can paint the island to match. Place bar stools around the island that are silver in color instead of wood. A blond kitchen island can make the room seem much larger than it is, which is ideal for apartments or smaller homes. A black counter gives a modern look to the island. You can also add a marble or granite top to the island. This works well if you plan on doing a lot of food preparation as the surface will hold up better to cutting and the heat from pots and pans. A wooden kitchen island usually works in most kitchens because of the neutral color.

If you're looking for additional storage in the kitchen, then leave the bottom of the island open instead of enclosed. This design will give you the shelving that is needed for cooking utensils or plates and bowls that you use on a regular basis. White islands work well in a dark kitchen or one that has a lot of wood accents. The white color seems to brighten the space, making it refreshing. White is a good color for homes that are located on the beach as it contrasts well with the sand and nautical decorations. If the kitchen is larger, then you might want to consider an elegant design with detailed legs and drawers for the island that is installed in the kitchen area.

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