Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dr. Sharp Oral Care

Each year, consumers spend around $20 billion on cosmetic and personal care items, with many of those purchases going to oral hygiene products. There are many brands and varieties of toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental tape, but some of the best natural oral care products, which are safer for families, are not easily found, until now. Beginning November 2016, consumers had quick access to the high quality all natural premium product line by Dr. Sharp Dentistry, called Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care right on

“I am truly proud to share this product line with the families that shop,” states Dr. Sharp, a fourth-generation dentist who created the premium vegan oral care line. “The best way for consumers to keep themselves and their families healthy is to learn about the ingredients. Having Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care available at helps us make it even more convenient for families to find the safest, natural oral care products that they are looking for.”

The premium natural oral care line for the entire family from baby to adulthood sets the bar, as it focuses on being healthier, vegan, fluoride free, and is also free of parabens, gluten, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and heavy metals. Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care non-GMO products contain Xylitol, Green Tea and other natural extracts with soothing properties. The line includes the essentials for a natural, healthy oral hygiene routine, including fresh mint green tea toothpaste for adults, wild berry kids toothpaste for children, fresh mint alcohol-free mouthwash and green tea mint dental tape. The carefully formulated, fluoride-free line of products safely meets the everyday needs of the entire family.

Dr. Sharp created the premium line of oral hygiene products to give consumers a healthier alternative. Made in the USA, Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care’s home-grown formula received conclusive positive scientific reviews as a therapeutic natural formula for teeth and gums. 

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