Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Family New Year's Resolutions Everyone Can Keep

New Year's resolutions are often extravagant and, therefore, difficult to keep. Most of us have dedicated the new year to a commitment, only to drop the resolution shortly after the ball drops. Family New Year's resolutions help keep everyone motivated and accountable. Here are suggestions for the best family New Year's resolutions and tips for sticking to them for a full year?

1) How Your Family Succeeds:

The single most detrimental aspects of any New Year's resolution is that of expectation and ambition. Many people set goals they cannot achieve. For instance, if your family agrees to eat more healthy foods, try adding a cheat clause. It just isn't likely you'll be able to cut out processed sugar for an entire year. Instead, set achievable goals like eating healthier 80% of the time. Take baby steps and work from there. You can't run before you can walk, and this applied to the whole family.

2) Family Activity:

A New Year's resolution can be a family activity, but not all members should be held to the same standard. Your young daughter won't enjoy time at the gym three days a week, but gyms like 24 Hour Fitness offer enough locations and classes to find time to workout while she's at school or in bed. However, physical activity can easily be promoted for your kids as well, with playground, community pool or outdoor play dates on a regular basis. While the topic of your New Year's resolutions can be the same, let your children pick their own activities. This will set them up for success.

3) Be a Role Model:

If you lead the charge, others will follow. For instance, if your family resolves to cut down on screen time for more family time, be the first to put down your phone, tablet, or get off your computer. Insist that the TV is turned off and everyone spends time without a screen. Again, let your kids choose their own activities. Whether they play a board game, read a book or create some art, they'll engage their minds in different ways.

4) Make It A Learning Experience:

Children are always learning, and this is no different. If you wish your family had more family dinners, make a resolution of a set number of home cooked, family dinners, each week. Make this a family endeavor and enlist your spouse and kids as line cooks. Teach your children the value of fresh, local produce and the ability to cook for oneself. While this can be more work, nobody picks New Year's resolutions that are easy.

5) Keep Gratitude Journals:

A gratitude journal is a simple record of the part of life you're thankful for. Take a moment each day, sit down with your family and have each person name at least one thing they are grateful for. Write each down in a gratitude journal under the family member's name. This exercise helps people focus on what they have, rather than being bitter about what they don't. It also is a nice time for family reflection each day.

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