Saturday, December 24, 2016

Built NY #Holiday2016 And #NewYear2017

Built NY’s latest item is the Go Bo Baking Dish. A neoprene carrier for casserole dishes! Easily transport casseroles to potluck dinners, keep your dish warmer longer and carry comfortably with padded handles.
For Travelers and Busy Lifestyles:
o City Carryall – Lightweight, durable bag keeps your daily essentials all in one place. Perfect carryon bag for traveling!
o City Backpack – Store your wallet, sunglasses, camera, phone and keys in this lightweight backpack. Great bag for a day at the playground or museum.
Host/Hostess Gifts:
Built's signature neoprene beer/wine totes keep beverages chilled for up to 4 hours.
o Six Pack Beer Tote – Ditch the flimsy cardboard six pack boxes for an easy carry tote that doubles to keep your brews cold.
o Growler Tote – Give the gift of craft beer straight from his favorite brewery to his home.
o One/Two Bottle Wine Tote – Keep your glass bottles protected and chilled.
o Freezable Wine/Champagne Bag – Freeze the bag overnight and head to the party.

Built NY also has really fun and trendy paper gift bags fitting an assortment of gifts.

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