Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Toast Covers

Toast is a company that creates tech covers using real wood veneers. Toast’s covers are available in 4 wood veneers; walnut, ash, ebony, and bamboo. Toast covers can be customized with laser-engraved text, logos, designs, original artwork, or an avatar. The possibilities are endless.
We got a Gaming cover for Jason's PS4. Get your game-style on! Toasting your Sony PlayStation 4 takes it from toyland to totally legit. Wrap your PS4 in gorgeous real wood, cut from one piece of veneer for perfectly matched grain patterns that create a seamless look. Covers the front, top, and sides. The covers look rad whether you like your PS4 horizontal or use the vertical stand. All the vents are fully exposed so your sweet Toast cover allows your PS4 to cool itself as normal. In fact, it will make you a whole lot cooler! Easy as playing Pong to apply: just peel your panels, line 'em up with a little care, and stick 'em on. Available in four sumptuous, sustainable wood choices: walnut, bamboo, ebony, and ash.

Check it all out at Toast on Facebook, as well as Toast on Twitter.

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