Sunday, August 14, 2016

Clean Router #BTS2016

As a parent there are many conversations and situations you hope that you will be able to avoid as you are raising your children. One of those is calling another parents to inform them that their child accidentally saw inappropriate content while using the Internet at your house. This awkward conversation can easily be avoided if you have the right WiFi. Normal routers let any website load on any device in your home, from laptops to smartphones to gaming consoles.
The Clean Router is a special router that has pre-set and customizable parental settings that filter out content parents would rather their children were not exposed to online. Easy to use, the Clean Router replaces a home¹s current WiFi router. It plugs into any modem and will protect every device that connects to the home’s WiFi network unlike apps and software that only safeguard the device the program is downloaded to. 

Check it all out at Clean Router on Facebook, as well as Clean Router on Twitter.

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  1. This sounds like a great thing to have. I have never heard of clean router before. #entry


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