Monday, August 1, 2016

#BTS2016 With Dorm Co.

Decorating a dorm room with such limited space might not always be easy, but there is a one-stop-shop solution for all the college living essentials for back to school. DormCo, the leader in college dorm essentials, offers everything college bound students need for a comfortable and enjoyable dorm life - from trendy Twin XL bedding to decorative rugs, furniture, cookware, electronics security gear, and storage solutions to make the most of precious space.
You're going to find there are a lot of small dorm items that don't have a designated place in your dorm room other than the temporary home in a pile on your dorm bed. You obviously need somewhere to sleep night after night, so leaving them there won't exactly work and you can't create a junk drawer in your dorm desk. Mainly because your dorm desk may not have drawers. The simple solution is to add more dorm storage solutions to your dorm essentials! The Bright Orange Texture Mini-Trunks (Set of 2) - Block Style are small dorm essentials that can sit on top of your dorm desk or dresser and keep your smaller dorm items organized. The Texture Mini-Trunks will add to your dorm room decor while keeping your small dorm necessities in line. With orange textured fabric around the entirety of each dorm trunk and riveted details around the edges, these dorm storage solutions will add classic style and a pop of color to your dorm room decor. These dorm storage solutions have the benefit of portability, allowing you to easily take them on a weekend trip home or a mini vacation with friends. The size of these mini-trunks will allow you to easily store small dorm items such as cosmetics, art supplies, paperback books, and more. For extra dorm room decor, you could even artistically arrange all those small dorm items inside and have the lid propped open for presentation.

Check it all out at Dorm Co on Facebook, as well as Dorm Co on Twitter.

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