Friday, June 10, 2016

US Organic Bug Sprays #Summertime2016

With summer upon us, and the Zika virus still on top of minds, we need to think about protecting our skin (and our kids) from mosquitoes and other insects, especially when taking part in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, BBQ's, pool time, and much more. US Organic offers an anti bug spray that is safe for the whole family. They also offer an indoor bug spray that can be used on pillows, blankets, tents, and much more.
U.S. Organic’s Anti Bug Spray is one of the leading bug repellent brands on the market:
• Certified Organic by USDA
• Kid Safe
• DEET Free
• Does not contain synthetic chemicals or alcohol
• Made in the USA and not tested on animals
• Offers long-lasting protection from mosquitoes carrying Zika virus, Dengue virus, and West Nile virus diseases
• Refreshing herbal scented fine mist spray that isn’t sticky
• Comes in 2 sizes, 4 fluid ounces and 2 fluid ounces (approved for airplane travel)
• Indoor option perfect for pillows, blankets, tents, and more

Check it all out at US Organic on Facebook, as well as US Organic on Twitter.

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