Saturday, June 4, 2016

Three By Three

Three By Three Seattle home and office products are aimed at design conscious consumers across the globe. The magnetic strip bulletin board was the first of its kind, and helped popularize the magnet board category as it is today. In recent years, Three By Three revamped the whiteboard industry with fresh, alternative dry erase surfaces, including bamboo, glass, and stainless. The current line consists of home, office, and school products, including dry erase boards, magnet boards, desk and wall organizers, hooks, and magnets.
We got the Swing Magnet Hooks! The most versatile hook ever! Backed by super strong magnets, the swinging magnet hooks' pivoting action allows for strong hold in any direction. Finally a solution for under a kitchen hood, metal shelf, and a locker ceiling. Also works great on fridges, filing cabinets, magnet boards, etc.

Check it all out at Three By Three on Facebook, as well as Three By Three on Twitter.

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