Monday, June 6, 2016

T-Fal - Perfect For Summer & #FathersDay2016

Whether you're planning to spend the summer at the best beaches or pools, one thing is for sure - barbecue will be on the menu. With Father's Day creeping up around the corner, here are some ideas from T-Fal that will help to make this summer of backyard entertaining the easiest yet!
Sharp Ceramic Knife to cut through thick watermelon skin: T-Fal Zen 6 inch Utility Knife - The durable, extremely sharp blade allows for precision cutting. Serrated edge works best for items that have a softer interior and tougher exterior like melons.
Easy-to-Clean Baster to make your ribs extra-juicy and flavorful: T-Fal Ingenio Baster - Silicone basting brush and cleaning wand are both neatly housed inside the baster for convenient storage. Bonus cleaning wand included to make cleaning hard-to-wash nooks and crannies easier than ever.
Cut the time it takes to whip up fresh Summer salsas: T-Fal Ingenio 5-Second Chopper - Patented system features two independent blades that provide efficient and progressive chopping in 5 seconds or less. Use for fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and meats.

Tenderize your steaks with ease: T-Fal Ingenio Meat Tenderizer - Unique rock and roll technique that utilizes body weight for ergonomic, mess-free tenderizing. Features both textured and flat mallet pads for pounding.

Easy-to-store skewers to ensure you can always enjoy your corn on the cob: T-Fal Ingenio Corn Skewers - Mess-free handling of corn on the cob. Features special interlocking design that allows for safe and neat drawer storage.

Check it all out at T-Fal on Facebook.

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