Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Look Before You Pump #Infographic

As the summer heats up, Americans are outside and working in their yards. They own millions of outdoor power equipment products like lawn mowers, string trimmers, and chain saws. But many people do not pay attention to what type of fuel they are putting in their outdoor power equipment - and they should. Gasoline containing greater than ten percent ethanol (E10) can damage or destroy outdoor power equipment, including lawn mowers, chain saws, generators, utility vehicles, and other small engine equipment such as motorcycle, snowmobile, and boat engines, according to most engine manufacturers. A recent survey by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) found that two-thirds (64%) of American adults age 18+ who own outdoor power equipment say they either are not sure (42%) or do not pay any attention (22%) to what type of fuel they are using. Yet, the poll shows 66% of Americans will use the least expensive grade of gasoline whenever possible. To help consumers pay attention at the pump, OPEI has created the above infographic.

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