Thursday, June 9, 2016

JORD Watches For #FathersDay2016

Watches are not just timekeepers; watches are statement pieces, watches speak to the style and personality of the wearer. JORD watches tell more than time.
We recieved an absolutely stunning watch for Jason for Father's Day. Considered playful and approachable, the Sully Red Sandalwood and Maple looks right at home on your wrist. The bubbled bezel, exaggerated numbers, and wide band showcase the effortlessly casual cool style you've perfected. No need to show off but you're always happy to share. The time, the moment, you're right where you need to be.
I can not tell you in words or in pictures how gorgeous this watch
Wooden Watch by JORD is in person! I don't even want Jason to wear it, it is so fabulous. Although of course he will!
And you know I had to try it on, and now want one for myself! And Callan is jealous. He said he wanted a watch like Daddy's. And this beautiful timepiece will now turn into something that Jason will hand down to Callan, and maybe be something to pass on through the generations!

Check it all out at JORD on Facebook, as well as JORD on Twitter.

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