Monday, June 20, 2016

For Your Pain #TryLivRelief

LivRelief is the best pain-relief treatment on the market, and clinical trials have shown just how fast it acts and how long its relief lasts. Here are five ways it differs from other topical pain-relief treatments on the market:
Targeted Relief:
LivRelief products are the only ones that use Delivra , a patent-pending transdermal delivery system. Delivra delivers LivRelief’s active ingredients deep beneath the skin, addressing pain at its source.

A New Approach To Pain:
LivRelief is the first over-the-counter pain-relief product that addresses and blocks five pain pathways.
The Best Of The Best:
All ingredients in LivRelief products are certified, selected for their purity and quality, and sourced primarily from Nordic and European countries, which maintain some of the world’s highest standards for consumer safety and environmental protection.

No Tingle, No Smell:
Unlike other pain-relief products that burn or tingle when applied, or smell like menthol or worse, LivRelief doesn’t produce any unpleasant sensations (sensations that really only serve to distract you from the pain). And it has a pleasant, faint fragrance.

Backed By The Medical Community:
LivRelief was developed by a respected molecular pharmacologist, and it’s been tested and approved by established members of the medical community.

As some of you may know, my husband Jason was injured in the Army, and he has a lot of residual pain. He has used numerous topical pain creams and ointments, and none really have helped. He has tried LivRelief and he is very pleased with the results. He says he can get through the day now, and sleep better at night. To see him able to function on a daily basis and be happy is a huge improvement and makes for one happy wife!

“This post is sponsored by LivRelief”

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