Monday, May 2, 2016

Tips on Throwing the Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a great way to let loose and enjoy the company of your friends. Throwing the event, however, can be a stressful experience that leaves you exhausted. Thankfully, the following tips can help reduce some of the stress associated with throwing a party and help ensure your event goes as smooth as possible.

The Food
Food is an important part of a cocktail party, but far too often, people either over plan or under plan the food. For example, the hostess will schedule the party for peak dinner time and then only serve small finger foods, which leave the guests hungry and looking for a drive thru on the way home. Or the hostess will have the party right after dinner and serve a large meal expecting people to come hungry when they have already eaten. The best defense against this problem is to make sure everyone knows what you are serving. Tell every guest that you invite whether you are serving a full meal or simple finger foods. This will help them plan properly and allow you to avoid a party snafu.

The Drinks
The beverages served at your party may just be more important than the food; it is called a cocktail party for a reason. The drinks served can make or break your party, so choose wisely. Decide on which mixers for alcohol beverages you would like to serve, as well as hard liqueur if you are inclined to have that as well. If you’re unsure, get the advice of your guests. Ask them what types of beverages that would like to have. Now this doesn’t mean you have to cater to every one of your guest’s beverage desires, but it can help you determine which drinks are the most popular among your friends.

The Decorations
Cocktail parties are typically formal events that don’t require over-the-top decorations. Cover the tables with nice linens and arrange flowers and candles around the room. Remember to keep the d├ęcor to a minimum for a modern and sleek look.

The Entertainment
One of the great things about cocktail parties is that you don’t need to worry about entertainment. This is because the whole point of a cocktail party is to allow your guests to mingle without distractions. So in a sense the entertainment is each other. You can, however, have some mellow music playing in the background.

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