Sunday, April 10, 2016

SurpriseRide Subscription Box - Italy

Parents want their kids engaged in valuable activities in their free time, but coming up with projects and sourcing all the necessary items takes time and money. SurpriseRide takes away the hassle and delivers fun, experiential learning activities directly to a child's doorstep. These can include anything from a cheese-making kit to a science experiment, building a homemade ukulele, or being transported to the culture of another country! Join SurpriseRide and add value to a child's life beyond the latest toy or video game. Create. Discover. Imagine.
Callan got the Italy Themed box! Where does pizza come from? Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean? In this SurpriseRide, take a trip to a faraway country that has shaped food, art, and architecture as we know it - Italy!

All the materials and instructions included in this Italy Activity Kit are:
Create a Mosaic Pizza Trivet
Discover Charcoal & "Architecturra"
Book: Monday with a Mad Genius
Snack: Margherita Pizza Chips
Fun Extra: Football Footbag
Fun Extra: Italian Flag

Check it all out at SurpriseRide on Facebook, as well as SurpriseRide on Twitter.

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  1. Looks like a great kit to keep your child busy and learning about another country. It's neat that it has a nice variety of products in it.


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