Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great #MothersDay2016 Gift Ideas From Ozeri

This Mom's Day, get Mom some things that are practical, functional, and fun. Because flowers just die, and candy just gets eaten!
Introducing the world's most effective vacuum-sealed food container set, the Ozeri InstaVac Green Earth Food Storage Container Set. Completely BPA-free, the 8-Piece Nesting Set with Vacuum Seal and Locking Lids is designed to save food - simply press down on the lid to remove excess air that spoils food; Save money - pays for itself and more by keeping food fresher longer; Save space - each container nests for convenient, efficient storage; Save time - each container is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe for long-lasting use. Unlike other products, the Ozeri InstaVac Green Earth Food Storage Containers use a patented valve system that allows you to easily remove excess air, so growth of naturally occurring bacteria is greatly reduced and food stays fresh longer. With the Ozeri InstaVac, instant vacuum freshness is created without pumps, motors, or confusing parts. Simply press down on the center of the lid and air is forced out through the one-way valve. Creating a vacuum requires minimal effort. The patented valve system is also designed to automatically release air pressure when it builds up in the microwave, so you never have to worry about spills, splatters, and bursting. The BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof, Ozeri InstaVac Green Earth Food Storage Containers are as transparent as glass and safe to use in microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers. Each container features a handy date dial that allows you to record when food was first stored and monitor days kept in the refrigerator, so you'll never have to worry about remembering how long each container has been in the refrigerator. Each container is also made with a wave patterned bottom that keeps cut fruit and vegetables elevated from the deteriorating effects of water and juices which can collect at the bottom over time.
 Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the Curva is the latest addition to the Ozeri Artisan Series of award-winning handcrafted drink-ware. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass, shatter-resistant, and with the Curva's double-walled design, it offers the ultimate insulation to maintain drinks at their ideal temperature. The Curva's unique double wall design suspends drinks within an inner wall for an attention-grabbing optical effect. Each glass is made to keep your hands cool even with your hottest drinks, and free of condensation with your chilled beverages. The patent-pending Curva is great for coffee, cappuccinos, hot or iced teas, cocktails, frozen beverages, and much more. Each set contains four unique, handmade glasses designed for lifetime use. The Curva glasses are completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, and ship in an elegantly printed and carefully packaged box.

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