Thursday, March 31, 2016

Islands Map Glassware

Heading off for a tropical island destination to lounge in a hammock as waves lap the sandy white beach? Now you can have the island life year-round at home with the newest and coolest designs from UncommonGreen. UncommonGreen makes dazzling contemporary barware with intricately etched maps of city streets, mountain topography, and now island coastlines of top destinations around the U.S. and the world. From the rocky Mt. Desert Island of Maine to the sunny, tropical Florida Keys to the crystal blue waters of St. Martin island, the glassware and maps will bring back fond memories of precious island retreats! Celebrate the places where you enjoyed a wedding, splashed with family, or commemorated a special milestone.
Sleek, classy, and great conversation starters, each glassware piece comes with an intricately designed map that wraps around the glass, creating a striking effect that makes any beverage more fun to prepare, serve, and drink. Because the maps are etched into the surface of the glass, each piece is a stunning work of art with a unique look and feel that will last a lifetime. You can customize the glasses with a special message to mark the place and time where something very special took place – maybe an engagement, birthday or anniversary! For rocks glasses, custom text can be added to the bottom and side of the glass. UncommonGreen has every type of barware for the perfect event. Check out the stemmed wine glasses for vino connoisseurs, carafes for sharing and entertaining, and rocks glasses for the Mad Men fans. Each Mapware glass is meticulously designed and made in the USA with eco-friendly manufacturing in mind. UncommonGreen's newest addition to their barware lineup brings you one step closer to living the island life permanently!

Check it all out at Uncommon Green on Facebook, as well as Uncommon Green on Twitter.

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