Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ColorKitchen Egg-Dying Kits #Easter2016

This Easter the bunny will be jumping for joy with the launch of ColorKitchen’s new egg decorating kit made with colors from the garden. The Company’s Easter Egg Decorating Kit delivers vibrant colors derived from radish, cabbage, and annatto. The coloring kit extends the company’s line of plant-based food colors that are vegan, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. “My goal was to provide vibrant food colors and brighter options for egg decorating without the need for artificial colors,” says founder Ashley Phelps. “Parents want natural products for their children and food coloring is often overlooked and artificial.”
The Easter Egg Coloring Kit includes three-color packets (orange, purple, blue), three mixing brushes, and the eco-friendly box converts into an egg-drying stand to help reduce mess and roll away eggs. The Easter Kit features enough color to decorate 1-2 dozen eggs. Complete directions and design ideas are included. ColorKitchen launched in 2015 with a line of decorative food colors that answer the need for natural colors in baking and decorating. Ms. Phelps sources pure pigment from plants in an effort to revolutionize the food-coloring category by eliminating the artificial ingredients prevalent in most food coloring products today.

The decorative food color line is derived from Turmeric, part of the ginger family and used as a yellow dye for centuries; Beets’ deep purple and pink hues make it the perfect color for dyes; and a blue pigment found in Spirulina, a food source dating back to the Aztecs. The colors refresh instantly with a drop of water or glycerin then blend into icings or integrate easily into recipes from frostings, cookie dough, coconuts and sugars. The powdered colors can be mixed to make a rainbow of colors.

Check it all out at ColorKitchen on Facebook, as well as ColorKitchen on Twitter.

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