Monday, February 1, 2016

Luz de la Riva #Valentines2016

Valentine's Day shopping can sometimes be a real bore. Even with the convenience of online everything, the joy of gifting something special on this holiday can get lost in the clicks. offers the most unique gifts that put the spice back into your shopping list! With out of the box fun and flirty gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend, bridal party, sorority sisters, and hey - even yourself, Luz de la Riva makes the perfect sexy Valentine's gift!
I got the Luz de la Riva Lulu 24k Edible Massage Oil. It’s no surprise that the Lulu Edible Massage Oil tastes and feels luxurious, but now you can literally indulge yourself with an experience fit for Cleopatra with Lulu 24k! The addition of 100% edible 24k gold flakes make the oil an extra special treat for the body. Made with organic ingredients and oils and formulated with natural pheromones, Lulu 24k will certainly keep you feeling hot even when the temperature drops!

Check it all out at Luz de la Riva on Twitter.

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