Friday, December 11, 2015

xSense #2015HolidayGiftGuide

There is a new must-have line of functional scents for both men and women that have been shown to enhance workouts, reduce stress, and increase efficiency throughout the day - xSense. Unlike traditional aromatherapy oils, xSense functional scents’ specially formulated, pure essential oil ingredients have been clinically found to improve daily tasks. xSense and its specially formulated scents are the result of extensive, independent clinical research on the impact of scents on human behavior. Simply apply one of xSense’s three scents, PlaySense, WorkSense, or RestSense, directly under your nose and allow the scent to help you exercise more efficiently, work better, and rest easier. Plus, the oil-based, alcohol-free scent is only detectable to the user, remaining unnoticeable to others.
We received the Deluxe Sample Kit - Work better, Play harder, and Rest easier. A perfect way to try each scent in your own way. The deluxe sample pack has 2 doses of each scent to help you at work, play, and rest. It’s a perfect introduction to the power of natural, scientifically backed ingredients. You get a sample of each of these containing ingredients which could help significantly: WorkSense - helping learning, retention, memory, and accuracy; PlaySense - helping speed and endurance; RestSense - helping reduce stress and improve relaxation.

Check it all out at xSense on Facebook, as well as xSense on Twitter.

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