Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tribute #Giveaway

Tribute makes it easy to build beautiful, collaborative video montages that celebrate the people you care about on special occasions.
Tribute started in the summer of 2013 as a simple gift from Miki to Andrew. Miki sent an email out to 20 of Andrew’s closest friends and family members and asked them to send in a video telling Andrew why they loved him or how he’s impacted their life. The result was a 20 minute video montage that was the most meaningful gift Andrew had ever received. What started as a simple gift, grew into a business and movement to help the masses experience the same joy that Andrew felt that first night. Tribute was born.


  1. I want to win this so I can make one for my hubby!

  2. I have a good friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I would love to get her a Tribute video from her family and friends to show her how much she is loved and how much we are all rooting for her.

  3. My son is getting married this coming summer. It would be nice to give him a message I made for him and his wife.


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