Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dreft - Family & Pet Friendly

Many parents find that once their child hits the crawling stage they cannot keep them in one area for long. This also leads to little fingers and little mouths on all types of surfaces. Pediatricians and moms have trusted Dreft for years to safely launder newborn and baby clothes without fear of allergic reactions or harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin and now Dreft has introduced a safe line of cleaning products that gently clean household surfaces to baby toys with a gentle and safe solution for babies and all household members alike.
Babies. Easy on the eyes, not so much on the nose sometimes. Dreft Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator helps get the stink out of fabric, carpet and upholstery often left behind by baby messes. Safely eliminates odors and freshens. Safely cleans odors on fabrics (changing pads, car seats, bedding, carpet & upholstery), including odors from formula, diaper, spit-up and food.
Dreft Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Wipes go wherever little ones may wander. They’re pre-moistened and formulated to swiftly clean any surface babies get their hands on. Toys, glass, counters. Use your imagination. Then go wipe down whatever you imagined because baby is probably touching it. Effectively cleans surfaces of toys, glass and more. No strong fumes, mild on skin, and will not irritate eyes.

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