Monday, December 14, 2015

Become Santa's Little Helper

We got the opportunity to participate in the Become Santa's Little Helper campaign from Twentieth Century Fox, which is a great way to get children (and yourself) involved in the community! Some suggestions were to participate in a local gift drive, or at your local shelter. Maybe your little ones can help clean around the house, or shovel the snow before you get to it!
Whatever it is, a Santa's Little Helper should possess the 5 Sugarplum virtues:
A Cool Head Under Pressure
Cooperative Nature
Inspirational Spirit
A Kind Soul
As a Santa's Little Helper, Callan received:
T-shirt, Santa Hat, Dry Erase Board (to keep track of the good deeds), an Ornament, and a Certificate to announce the new title as Santa's Little Helper!

We haven't done anything "big" yet, such as help in the community, but Callan has been a big help to me around the house. Keeping his toys picked up, taking care of the pets, and doing extra chores! He is definitely on the Nice List!

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