Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Renegade Broom

When was the last time you talked about a broom other than to say "Hey, can you hand me the broom?" Probably never – brooms haven’t changed much in the last few hundred years - until now. And they have serious curves. The Renegade Broom has curved bristles rather than straight. This allows it to pick up dirt and debris in one pass rather than multiple sweeps, making cleanup faster, easier, and without a full-on sweat – leaving you more time to spend with your kiddos.
From the innovative makers of the Handy Camel, the Renegade Broom is currently one of Germany’s top-selling home products, as the Fritze Outdoor Broom. Picking up 90% more of the dirt that traditional brooms leave behind, the Renegade Broom also works wonders for pulling pet hair out of the carpet.

Check it all out at The Handy Camel on Facebook, as well as The Handy Camel on Twitter.


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