Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Welcome to the fashion revolution. Hipknoties is an all-in-one infinity scarf wrap dress halter top skirt shawl cape one shoulder dress and much more. Unlimited style at its best.
Sarah Yonover, creator of Hipknoties, developed this clever yet simple fashion concept completely by accident. During summer 2011, when traveling to New York, Sarah would only bring carry on luggage. Being limited as to what she could pack, she took the infinity scarf that she wore on the plane and effortlessly turned it into a rocking one-shoulder dress when she landed. When she was stopped on the street multiple times to field inquiries about her awesome dress she knew that she was on to something special.
Hipknoties is simple yet chic, one size fits all garment, made in the USA. Hipknoties is offered in three different lengths; Short, Medium, and Long. “I have nothing to wear,” said no Hipknoties owner, ever. 

Check it all out at Hipknoties on Facebook.


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