Tuesday, November 3, 2015

GuruNanda Essential Oils & Diffuser #2015HolidayGiftGuide

GuruNanda 100% Essential Oils with Diffuser is an affordable aromatherapy starter kit that makes a great holiday gift and addition to any home. The kit houses two different oils - lavender and peppermint - and an ultrasonic diffuser that disperses them into the air, where they release their wonderful natural fragrance and the healing aromatherapy benefits. It can transform a room into a mini DIY spa in seconds.
The GuruNanda diffuser also features a color-changing LED light to add to the atmosphere. Best of all, at only $19.99, it’s an affordable, thoughtful, one-size-fits all gift with tangible benefits. It will be available starting in November at Walmart. I love love love this diffuser. It's cute, love the colors in the LED, and the really works well, for the whole house. The scents are perfect too.

Check it all out at GuruNanda on Facebook, as well as GuruNanda on Twitter.


  1. Just bought one for my living room, it's a great deal for a diffuser and two oils

  2. This is such a nice product that you suggest. Thank you for your nice sharing. I think its very good for health.


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