Sunday, November 29, 2015

Foria For Women

The pleasure we experience, whether alone or with a partner, is a deeply enriching and healing part of our lives. Foria was created to benefit women's health and well-being by opening the door to natural, euphoric pleasure. As an all natural plant based medicinal, Foria works with your body to facilitate unique wellness experiences. For some women, it may awaken arousal and heighten sensation making orgasms more intense, fuller, or easier to access. For others, it can help promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension, and create the relaxation necessary for sensual experience, or restorative rest. Foria works with you, wherever you might find yourself on the pleasure spectrum.
Foria is a first of its kind sensual enhancement oil designed specifically for women: a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested THC oil. The proprietary formula was inspired by the historical use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac in traditional cultures around the world. This ancient wisdom has been validated by the recent groundswell of scientific research into the health benefits of marijuana. Foria harnesses the complex powers of marijuana to create a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac.” Because health and pleasure are naturally inseparable, Foria is made with 100% natural, food-grade liquid coconut oil. Besides being utterly delicious, coconut oil has a naturally low (acidic) pH that is great for skin and ideal for maintaining a healthy vaginal pH - a key to fighting off yeast and bacteria and the natural harmony and balance of the body. 

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