Monday, October 19, 2015

Romance Is In The Air.....

Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a licensed marriage and sex therapist and resident sex expert for Adam & Eve (America’s most trusted source for adult products), is happy to offer advice to help couples get their romance on this Fall, such as:

1. Learn to become opportunists when it comes for sex. Too many couples wait for the stars to align for the perfect tryst and then it never happens due to hectic schedules. Prioritize sex by getting it in whenever you can.

2. Remove the expectation of orgasm each time. Learning to focus on sensation and enjoying the multitude of benefits from sex can help you build arousal and not be focused on “getting it done.”
3. Do something, anything different. Research by the Gottman Institute suggests that those sexual relationships that maintain spontaneity in their relationships last longer with higher levels of satisfaction. Anything from having sex on the other side of the bed or a quick hand job in the car while you are in the garage to trying new toys like the Adam & Eve Rabbit Couples Ring can accomplish this. 

Just enjoy each other! Free, fun, and relaxed! After all, it is a long winter together indoors! What else are ya gonna do *wink*!


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