Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kiss-U Tissues

Thinking outside the box, Amy Davis was 1st to design and manufacture refillable tissue and wet wipe dispensers made of recyclable cardboard. Tissues that go where you go! Kiss-U Tissue design and manufacture refillable, environmentally-friendly tissue and wet wipe dispensers made of durable recycled cardboard tubes that fit in a car cupholder and are filled with premium grade A virgin tissues.
The Kiss-U Tubes are made from recycled cardboard, are refillable and recyclable, and contains ECF tissues or all-natural wet wipes. The Kiss-U Wet Wipe Tubes are also designed to fit cupholders, are also refillable and hold 50 all natural wet wipes using safe, food grade preservatives. Safe for your hands, face and also safe on interior car surfaces.

Check it all out at Kiss-U Tissue on Facebook, as well as Kiss-U Tissue on Twitter.

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  1. Thank you Hayley! Kiss-u Tissue products are available for purchase at as well as on our website,


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