Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jack-O Traveler Shandy #Halloween2015

Now with Fall officially upon us, our choice of adult beverages tend to change right along with the clothes we’re wearing. After developing a cult following in select states last year, Traveler Beer Company’s much-anticipated pumpkin Shandy, Jack-O Traveler, is now available for the first time ever throughout the U.S.!

Unlike other pumpkin-flavored beers, Jack-O Traveler is a seasonal craft Shandy made with real pumpkin and delicious autumn spices. Representing the darker side of shandy, Jack-O is deeper in color and is the perfect combination of bright refreshment and seasonal spice. Inspired by the old European pub classic, The Traveler Beer Company takes the traditional Shandy and combines it with American craft beer innovation and passion. Rather than mixing ale with a fruit-flavored soda, Traveler’s craft American wheat beers are actually made with real fruit.

Jason said it tastes like Fall. Hee hee. I'm not a beer gal, but I had to try this, as I love all things pumpkin spiced, and anything to do with Autumn, since I'm an October Baby. And this was pretty smooth and tasty. I could use this beer in a shot. Maybe with some cream. It's nummy!


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