Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to Prepare a Fun Budget Party for Kids

 Despite the difficult economic times, a birthday or kindergarten graduation bash for your kid is something you simply cannot skip, otherwise it may be very devastating to your little one. Cost is not something you should be worrying about because there is so much you can achieve without having to break the bank; just be creative with the little you have!

1) Get Your Hands Dirty!
Obviously nobody really wants to see your hands dirty literally; what we mean is do it yourself! With some research and a couple of trials, you can make the birthday cake yourself and design homemade decorations to bring the cost of the whole bash down even further.

2) Make Good Use of Dollar and Thrift Stores
For those things that you cannot make by yourself, stock them up at dollar and thrift stores to make huge savings. For instance, cheap party decor such as balloons or streamers, as well as gift bags for giving out goodies to the visiting kids can be found there at very affordable prices. Some of these places can also have coupons and discounts that you can use to save on your tight budget even further. You can also consider going online and visiting such sites as to make sure you check all the possibilities.

3) Send Out Digital Invites
Though customized paper invitations would obviously be the nicest personal touch when it comes to inviting your friends and family to your kids’ party, they are not really necessary and might be quite costly. In fact, in this digital era, most people will just be okay with an electronic invite. Visit a site like Evite or Paperless Post to get more ideas and offers on free, colorful options you can use for this.

4) Consider Going Generic 
You do not have to spend a dime on stuff with licensed characters when you can use generic ones. For example, rather than a Disney-branded pinata for your daughter’s princess party, a white unicorn accompanied by a nearby-hanging rainbow mane can serve the same purpose. You could even design your own pinata and save more money. For decor and fun, cover your tables with kraft paper and use generic “centerpieces” made from mason jars that have been filled with treats and tiny kid toys.

5) Choose an Affordable Site
You do not have to rent out a costly gymnastics studio, restaurant or gaming center in order for your kid's birthday party to be considered a success. There are many locations in your locality that enable you to hold it without having to strain your pocket. A local park that charges minimal rental fees can do. Your local church’s or kids’ school’s compound may also work, sometimes even for free!

6) Keep Your Menu Simple
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, really. You do not have to bother yourself so much about coming up with a very elaborate menu just for your little one's birthday party. A few basic and fun food items to munch on are enough to have all the kids impressed. Some hot dogs and hamburgers, plus a few of your kid's favorite side dishes, will make for an outdoor party for instance. For beverages, you don't have to buy expensive bottles of soda – pitchers of juice or a creative lemonade punch served in glass dispensers are much healthier and will do great as well!

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