Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Being Realistic: What Computers Can and Can’t Do for You


More than ever, technology is increasingly driving business and increasing the speed with which work can be done all over the world. In the past, business was slow, and you had to perform many processes manually. Nowadays, things have changed.

New technologies are being invented every day. However, as powerful and innovative as this technology is, it still has its limitations. In fact, can only function optimally with constant input and adjustment from users. This may change in the future, but for now, man is still in control. For your business to succeed, you must have realistic expectations on what your computer systems can do. With that in mind, we have created this guide to tell you what you can and cannot expect from your computer systems.

What Computers Can Do
  1. Create Seamless Software Integration
As companies grow faster and become reliant on technology to scale processes, they often require the use of multiple programs for different business processes.
Now, using this software individually can be quite tedious and could easily result in communication gaps and little or no real-time updates. However, using the appropriate technology, all these individual programs can be integrated into an enterprise system, making the flow of information and data between every unit in the organization seamless. 
  1. Improve Workplace Productivity for Workers using Software
Now, more than ever, employees can get more done and at faster speeds than they were able to in the past.
In fact, some studies have showed that the current generation of workers do more in one month than the last two generations combined did in a year. This is all the result of increased computer processing power and big data. This growth will continue along an exponential curve, and there is no plateau in sight.
  1. Makes Communication Easier and Protects Documents
It is easier now to stay in touch with everyone. In the past, an employee could only do their job from the office. Nowadays, you can text or call to find out where they are, ask them to send a file from home if necessary or upload files to collaboration platforms remotely.
Company files and documents are largely safer in the cloud than offline thanks to paperless office technology like FileCenter. With this software, it is easy to transition from a paper-based office to a paperless one that is more efficient. 

What Your Computers Can’t Do
  1. Manage Employees Effectively
As amazing as computing intelligence is, there are still many things it cannot do because it is just a machine that runs courtesy of efficient software. We still need somebody to manage and lead their team members. People still have to deploy and work on the available software to ensure that they work effortlessly. So far, the computing intelligence is still in its infancy. You need people to lead people, show them what to do and how to do it and get more work done.
  1. Has No Emotional Intelligence
Here’s an interesting question: how will a computing software deal with emotional intelligence, conflict in the workplace and low employee morale? It cannot. You still need managers, experts and consultants with the adequate emotional intelligence and maturity to handle situations like this, defuse any tension and help workers resolve any problems they have amicably.
  1. Motivate Workers to Encourage Maximum Output
Software can help improve employee productivity and output. What it cannot do, however, is motivate them to do more. All software still operates based on whatever data it is fed.
As you can see, computing power and excellent technology is not everything. You still need the collaborative efforts of human beings to achieve organizational goals, grow the company, increase revenue, generate more leads, and boost your profits. Use your computers, but know their place as supporting tools. 

Oscar King is a tech blogger who discusses the various applications of technology with his audience. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can look at his profile on Google+.

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