Friday, August 21, 2015

The Evolution of the Washer Machine from Samsung #Infographic

A washing machine's average lifespan of 10 years means consumers generally look for a new one every decade or so. Shoppers checking out new models might be surprised at the changes during the past 10 years. Washing machines can come as top-loading or front-loading models and generally offer larger load capacities and more efficient water usage. New washing machines are preset for water levels. In the older days, people would be looking in and seeing how much water they needed. A washing machine from Samsung, the WA8700, features a built-in sink that people can use to pretreat their delicate clothes. The size would surprise people. Now you can wash a comforter and things like that with this machine. Some Samsung models also work with a dedicated smartphone app that enables users to check the status of their machine's load.

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  1. Well...from someone who wears just about everything they eat,,,stains have just ruined my entire wardrobe. I love this ...but for me, my laundry room is so tiny, I can only fit a stackable unit...sure wish someone would use this same technology on a unit like I have to have. Thanks for the post....


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