Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slammer Snacks #BackToSchool

Perfect for Back-To-School lunches and sports, Slammers Super Food Snacks by Kids Gourmet are portable and delicious. Created to be delicious, easily digestible and instant fuel for active kids, Watermelon Kiwi Burst and Pomegranate Grape Crush each have 7 grams of protein per pouch.
Since last year the Slammers' original line of Super Food pouched snacks have appealed tremendously to school-aged kids exercising their independence in picking out treats from the grocery aisle while introducing them to Super Foods like acai, amaranth, yumberry, and even beets. In fact the awesome flavor is the most repeated purchase in Target's fruit cup/apple sauce aisle. Callan is in love with these! And I am okay with that!
Check it all out at Slammer Snacks on Facebook, as well as Slammer Snacks on Twitter.

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