Friday, August 14, 2015

Meet The Newest Member Of The Kolb Family

Welcome to Reveille. The newest member of the Kolb Family! We got him a few days ago as a surprise for Callan. Reveille (as in Army Reveille), whom we will call Rev, is our first dog. He is still a puppy, but really won't get much bigger! He is an Apple Head Chihuahua. Callan is in love. And he is Rev's master. How does that always seem to happen? Hee hee.
Our two cats are both reacting differently. Gracie, whom we've had over a year now is ambivalent to Rev. I thought she would be the one who was mad and disliked Rev. But she could care less. Gidget, our newest kitten who we got only about a month ago, really is not a happy camper. She knows she is not Queen of the Castle anymore! It is a funny site to see that my kitten is larger than my puppy! Hee hee.

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