Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy International Left-Handers Day

 My son Callan is a lefty! So in honor of him, here we go! International Left-Handers Day is a day to bring attention to the struggles which lefties face daily in a right-handed society. August 13th is observed as International Left-Handers Day.

Facts about International Left-Handers Day:
*10% of people are left-handed according to a report by Scientific American.
*Geniuses are more likely to be left-handed - 20% of the top scoring SAT takers are left-handed.
*In 2013, 31% of Major League Baseball pitchers were left-handed.
*Of the last 5 Presidents, 3 were lefties - Obama, Clinton, and Bush Sr.
*All lefties: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Leonardo da Vinci.

International Left-Handers Day Top Events and Things to Do:
Eat with your left hand today.
Attempt to use only your left hand while writing today.
If typing or navigating on a computer, use the mouse with your left hand.
Look around you and notice how many people you know are left-handed.
Attempt to cook using your left-hand as the primary one.
Create a "Lefty Zone" where everyone who enters must only use their left hand for the day.

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  1. Interesting facts about lefties!
    I'm left-handed and so is my 17 yoa son.


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