Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coolibar Sun Protection Clothing #SaveYourSkin

Coolibar makes the best UV protective clothing on the planet. Based in Minneapolis (shout out to a Minnesota company!), the company was founded in 2001. They offer stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear apparel and accessories for women, men, and children. With a name from the Australian tree known for providing shade and shelter in the harsh Outback, every Coolibar sunhat, garment, and swimsuit is guaranteed to have an ultraviolet protection factor UPF of at least 50, while still keeping customers cool and comfortable. Made with a proprietary process to embed sun protection inside its fabrics, the protection is guaranteed to never wash out, or fade - even in salt and chlorinated water. Coolibar is proud to be the most recommended and tested sun protective clothing company in the United States.
I have several items from Coolibar, and love them. Being a redhead, I need all the protection I can get. The newest item to my Coolibar wardrobe is the ZnO Sun Wrap! Heading to the gallery at the golf club? An outdoor wedding? You never know when you might need a little shade for your arms and shoulders. The versatile ZnO Sun Wrap offers the same reliable UV coverage as the sun shirts, in a go-anywhere package. Plus, the wrap features the latest technology development called ZnO SUNTECT. ZnO SUNTECT embeds millions of tiny particles of zinc oxide - the same ingredient that is used to block UVA and UVB in better sunscreens and to treat mild skin irritations and burns - into every fiber. These ZnO particles cannot wash or wear out. It's a wonderful way to cover up quick-and give casual looks a little extra flair.

Check it all out at Coolibar on Facebook, as well as Coolibar on Twitter.

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