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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bzees Shoes

The kid's melty ice cream, surprise red light tickets, and "I just spilled my iced coffee. Again." moments happen. Let’s face it: life gets messy. So keep your cool while looking cool (even in the most stressful of situations!) by making light of it all in your Bzees.
So what’s a Bzees? Bzees is the simple and stylish footwear choice to add a spring in your step through your day’s highs and lows. Easy-to-wear and easy-to-wash, they’re your ideal companion for everyday reality: all that’s unexpected, whimsical, and downright messy in life. I got the Women's Delight Slip-On. Slip into something more comfortable without risk of slipping: the Delight slip-on from Bzees. Stretch fabric upper in a slip-on style with a round toe. Ultra lightweight: you’ll feel like nothing’s holding you down. Super flexible: just like you have to be with your hectic schedule. Comfort cushioning: footbeds can feel like pillows too. Stretch uppers: fit’s what’s in. Easy on Easy off: Pull on, kick off. Washable: Don’t be afraid to get these dirty. Antimicrobial: No more smelly feet. Plus they go with just about anything! Too cute! 

Check it all out at Bzees on Facebook, as well as Bzees on Twitter.


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